Technology Consulting

With our goal to help businesses, organizations and individual go digital, one important aspect is realizing potential of digital transformation for efficiency and performance improvement.

As a part of technology consulting, we not only analyze your legacy or manual system but provide end to end technology support from website to email setup to infrastructure support. We will act as technology partner and go to people for any technical issues, questions.

We have been doing technology consulting for startups and mid-size organizations.

Expertise and Experience

We have provided end to end support for startups and mid-level firms. If we don't have the expertise to your technical problem, we have technology partners who can solve the problems - we will act as a liaison between you and our partner. We will take delivery ownership and will be responsible for doing communications from our technology partner.

Gunadhya for Technology Consulting

Not many small/medium size firms provide technology consulting. Here are few more reasons:

This enables us to provide solution, support on many technology/platform - covering vast area.

We are passionate about helping our customers. Coupled with our leadership's expertise in different areas, we have knowledge of most of the technology needs. We can study/predict the technology required based on our knowledge.

Also, their expertise can help client identify potential digital/IT transformation for performance and efficiency point of view. Our clients have reported more than 50% performance improvement when migrated from legacy system to web based application.

There are many technology needs from logo design to digital marketing. No one company can manage all the technology needs. We have strategic partnership with like minded firms. We can act/communicate on behalf of you to get work done. This will be cost-effective and avoid any surprises.