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Project Description

  • Client: Vyasa Yoga & Ayurveda Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Domain: Yoga | Mobile App
  • Platform: Mobile, Web
  • Operating System: iOS, Android
  • Client Technology: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery
  • Server Technology: PHP, Laravel
  • Mobile Technology: Phonegap/Cordova, JQuery Mobile

About Project

This is the android and iOS app we developed for leading yoga institute in Singapore. App is being used by students for schedules, class, event information. PayPal is integrated for payments. For data management, we have developed web application.

App is designed to help students as well as general Yoga enthusiast. It covers following major functionality:

  • Registration and payment facility for students
  • Schedule check and update
  • Different class and workshop information updates
  • Get all the information related to Vyasa Yoga Singapore
  • Most importantly, get useful yoga health tips, guidance from our yoga gurus

We have also provided web console for admin to update different dynamic content, so that all the app information can be updated without need of new app release.

About Client

Vyasa Yoga & Ayurveda Singapore Pvt Ltd is a leading yoga institute and studio in Singapore. They also offer Private Yoga Therapy consultations for various psychosomatic diseases and certification for Yoga Instructor Certification Course and Yoga Therapy Certification Course

Main Requiremetns

  • Easy of access to all the yoga information
  • Flexibility and ease to register and make payments
  • Ability to reach realtime to students and potential customer
  • Ability to update app information without need of version upgrade

Our Solutions

  • Designed mobile app with all the course, class information available.
  • Provided payment gateway integration for easy payment and registration from mobile.
  • Provided functionality of push notification to publish notification related to events, classes, news etc
  • Designed and developed web console to change/update all the dynamic information on mobile app

Main Features

  • Ability to update all the information like workshop, classes etc
  • Ability to manage, update app information via backend
  • Push notification for GCM and APNS
  • History for all the registrations and classes
  • PayPal Singapore integration for payment functionality
  • Email integration for notificaitons where required
  • Access driven Web console with defined user permissions

Quick Tour

Application in screenshots