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Project Description

  • Client: Patlex LLP
  • Domain: Mobile App
  • Android APP:: Android API
  • iOS APP: Phonegap API
  • Notification: GCM for android, APNS for iOS
  • Operating System: iOS, Android
  • Client Technology: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery-Mobile.
  • Server Technology: Plain PHP
  • Database: MySQL

About Project

VPATAPP was a startup idea by a patent profession.

It's a aggregator for different patent businesses as well as all the patent information. It is must have mobile app for patent profession and has been downloaded by over 1500+ clients.

It was originally developed only in Android but due to response recieved oversease it was developed in iOS as well

About Client

VPATAPP is a startup, working in patent industry.

Main Requirements

  • Ability to have all the infromation at one place.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Ability to push specification info on specific region.
  • Ability to open links from mobile.
  • Ability to manupulate data without needing to upgrade.

Our Solutions

  • Designed mobile app with simple but effective user interface.
  • Designed solution in both iOS and android.
  • Designed web based console to manupulate and update data, which will directly appear in mobile app.
  • Added support for GCM and APNS push notifications.
  • Added functionality of favorite businesss

Main Features

    Mobile App:
  • Realtime push notifications when news/event is created via web console.
  • Backend driven directory and news data population using web services.
  • Pull to refresh functionality.
  • Real-time news flash on dashboard
  • Ability to save favorite data in memory, in order to access in offline mode.
  • Web App:
  • Design completely for mobile device with seamless access on PCs
  • Ajax driven design.
  • Ability to send push notification on android and iOS devices.

Quick Tour

Application in screenshots