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Project Description

  • Type: Web Application/Desktop Application
  • Domain: Transportation
  • Platform: Desktop, Web
  • Operating System: Windows OS
  • Client Technology: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX
  • Server Technology: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Infrastructure: Text
  • Content: Text

About Solution

Transport management application is designed to manage day to day operation of transportation firm and automate process of vehicle and trip management.

This application has following modules:

  • Vehicle management, to keep record of all vehicles including tyre information. Store all the insurance information, all documents etc.
  • Trip Management, record delivery related information like start, end points, total distance covered. This also sub material management module.
  • Employee Management, to keep record of employee and their roles. You can assign employee to vehicle.
  • Accounting, high level accounting like income, expense per trip. Other expense management. Customer Wise accounting is being added.
  • Reporting, for analysis of data based on different features.

We have developed this application using web technologies, can be used as standalone or web based solution.

Main Features

  • Developed using actual use cases taking help from one of the transport firm.
  • Easy to use design, almost no learning curve for usage.
  • Iterative development to include client feedback as we go.
  • Realtime notification generation of every create and update action
  • Mobile responsive, if deployed on web can be used on mobile.
  • Seamless interlinking of modules e.g. everything is linked to trip - expense, employee, vehicle etc.
  • Easy to use documentation management system.
  • Effective use of reminders for events like insurance expiry. Designed dashboard to get view in one go.

Quick Tour

Application in screenshots