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Project Description

  • Client:Quality Management Solutions
  • Website:
  • Platform: Web
  • Client Technology: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX.
  • Server Technology: PHP, TCPDF for PDF Generation.
  • Database: MySQL

About Project

QMSCare is webport designed and developed to cater clients need of digitalizing their process.

According to client requirement we have developed complete customer management ,work progress management and invoice management application.

About Client

Quality Management Solutions is leading quality control consulting firm. It has over 200 industrial clients and serves them in auditing, ISO certifications and other quality related tasks.


  • Digitalize all the services which were either on paper or in excel.
  • Provide signle point of access for all the functions.
  • Department wise access to the application.
  • Project workflow and MIS reporting.
  • User management and less dependency on technology firm for maintainance.
  • Ability to access application on mobile for productivity enhancement

Our Solutions

  • Designed single application with many features like CRM, Business Flow Management, invoicing etc
  • Access driven application
  • Provided direct filtering on all the data and functionality to export/import
  • Created support for master data creation, less dependency on code change.
  • Designed mobile friendly layout using bootstrap.

Main Features

  • Complete customer relationship management.
  • Project lifecycle management from marketing to project completion.
  • Reminders and dues report.
  • Dynamic generation of invoice and quotation.
  • Responsive mobile friendly design.
  • Access driven design.
  • Functionality to generate dynamic/master data.
  • Functionality to recycle/restore client data.
  • Mini accounting functionality to generate report for financial auditing.

Quick Tour

Application in screenshots