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Project Description

  • Type: Web Application
  • Domain: Education Technology
  • Platform: Web
  • Client Technology: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery
  • Server Technology: PHP, CodeIgniter

About EagleLeap

EagleLeap is the unique initiative to provide the learning, practice, guidance needed for getting better prepared for IT Job interviews and also Job openings. EagleLeap portal has many functionality for subscribers like articles, appointment booking, Q&A and much more.

About Client

High Leap Education Consultants is started by very experienced IT veterans and is supported by many volunteers who share the same goal and have many years of IT experience. Some of their volunteers come from middle class family background and rural area, they had faced many hurdles during job search and also, at the start of the career. Primary goal is to make sure all are aware of those hurdles and ready to tackle it.

Main Problems/Requirement

  • Portal was for youngsters, needed appealing and trendy design
  • Portal should facilitate easy access of articles, jobs
  • As majority users will be smartphone users portal must be mobile responsive
  • Integration needed with instituterp system

Our Solution

  • Trendy design to appeal young crowd
  • Completely mobile responsive website
  • Designed CMS for admin to update jobs, articles etc
  • Provide webservice based integration with instituterp

Quick Tour

Application in screenshots