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Website is the ultimate digital identity any business needs. Any new customer/client will search for business online with name or category. If you have good looking website it helps convince customer authenticity of business.

We get lots of clients who wants to design/develop their website but have no technical knowledge on how to go about it. Sometime clients who do research on search engines but are either confused or not clear. We are trying to address all those frequently asked question here. Please note, I have tried to use as simple language as possible without going too much into technicality.

1. What is Domain and Hosting?

This is the basic question everybody have, without going too much into technical - domain is which you enter in browser, this is your web address and has to be unique. e.g. You need to purchase domain from domain registration companies like BigRock or GoDaddy.

Hosting or web hosting is where we put all our code like images, html files etc. You need to purchase hosting either shared, VPS or cloud depending upon requirement.

2. What is Static or Dynamic website?

This is again most asked questions, static is something which is completely developed in HTML and any change like content or image requires change is html files. Static websites are good for business which has pretty much static information like services, products, contact information etc. There are no frequent changes required in website. Static website needs a developer or someone with HTML knowledge to make the change, adding to your maintenance cost.

Dynamic Website loads some or all the contents dynamically i.e. mostly from a back-end configuration. Say, you need to add new products every week or month or you need to upload new portfolio now and then, you should ask for dynamic website. Generally, dynamic websites have admin console built where administrator can change content, graphics as per the requirement.

3. What is content management system (CMS)? Do I need CMS websites?

Web Content Management Systems are designed frameworks to manage content of the web pages. Such CMS systems generally have admin console pre-built and admin can change content like text, graphics, animations, listing etc. from back-end. CMS are great where content needs regular updates and you don’t need developer’s help. For basic features, CMS are also great for faster implementation as many templates are available. There are also common plugins which are available for regular functions like forms, analytics, SEO etc.

There are also some things needs to be considered here - 1. Overall cost of initial template and customization is very high in CMS compared to HTML templates. 2. Customizing exiting theme/template is very complex. 3. Advance plugins costs very high adding to overall cost of development.

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal are some of the very widely used CMS. You can do trade-off between cost and requirement and choose CMS or HTML based website.

4. How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?

Answer to this questions depends upon many factors, mainly -

  • No of pages your website goings to have
  • Site is going to be static or dynamic
  • CMS/HTML based

But, on an average you should have standard website ready in two-three weeks. Simple static websites can be ready to deploy in one week. Complex CMS websites may take upto six weeks depending upon customization.

5. What type of hosting is good for me?

Generally following options are available for web hosting:

  • Shared Hosting : Shared hosting is where many websites share the same server. It has obvious impact on bandwidth as same will be shared against many websites. Cost will be very minimum again because your sharing the resources.

    If your website is not expecting very high traffic lets say 1000 hits in an hours then bandwidth is not the reason for you. We have many website hosted on shared server and they have pretty good performance. Also, unless these are data heavy web applications or blogging website with very high traffic, we feel shared hosting is best for basic to intermediate websites and lite applications. Another advantage is, you don’t need technical knowledge of server administration -as this is done by server team for you.

  • VPS : VPS is Virtual “ Private Server”, so with VPS hosting, you’ll enjoy greater private disk space and higher overall resource availability. This will be necessary if you want to expand your business and need to offer customers a user experience that goes beyond the basic shared hosting level. Everything like security, bandwidth is more so as cost.
  • Dedicated Hosting : You get dedicated server for you websites and you have all the control. We are concentrating on websites here, so we wont suggest to go for dedicated hosting. Hence, we are not going to discuss more on this.

6. What is the average cost of the website design/development?

This is another always asked question. Like timeline this depends on what kind of website we are going to build. Website design is very competitive area with literally thousands of players in it. It really depends on what you need.

I try to explain to my customers that it is more like your interior design, the overall costs depends upon what quality of material (read graphics, content, icon etc) you want to use and experience of designer. As they can give you proper guidances on common mistakes, user experience, SEO and many such parameters. So choose quality and experience and your cost will be according to that.

We have worked on website from $200 to $1500. But decent HTML based website should cost you around $250-300 and CMS website around $400-500.

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