Oasis yoga Mobile App

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Project Description

  • Client: Oasis Yoga
  • Domain: Yoga | Mobile App
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Operating System: iOS, Android
  • Client Technology: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery-Mobile.
  • Server Technology: Plain PHP
  • iOS APP: Phonegap API, ionic
  • Notification: GCM for android, APNS for iOS
  • Database:MySQL

About Project

Oasis Yoga is app designed for our Singapore client Oasis Yoga an institute for Yoga. This app has dual purpose 1. To provide yoga related updates, information and educate people about yoga using regular updates and Q&A .

To have mobile presence for business and regularly update information like schedule and services to user.

We have also provided web console for user to give regular updates and answer questions.

About Client

Oasis Yoga is Yoga studio in Singapore. They have been operational for last 2 years with very good growth.

Main Requiremetns

  • Mobile Presence
  • Easy access to students and others for schedule and classes
  • Marketing media

Our Solutions

  • Designed mobile app with dual purpose marketing and convinience.
  • Provided hosted admin console to easily change schedule information.
  • Provided ability to publish info, serving as best marketing option.

Main Features

  • Realtime push notifications when news/event is created via web console.
  • Ability to add questions and view existing Q&A
  • Get updated schedule for classes
  • Contact trainer/admin via app

Quick Tour

Application in screenshots